Purchase Policy


Last Updated: April 25, 2017

The goal of this policy is to guide you with the process in order to ensure that all products and services purchased through our website / store are seamless and error-free.

Process – Service:

  1. Prior to purchasing any service, the user (student, parent, guardian) shall select the required instructor and service and fill up the requisite details. The form will be linked to the purchase.
  2. Once the form is submitted, GSA shall verify the details and contact the user for any further details.
  3. All purchases and bookings shall be subject to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Liability Waiver, Cancellation/Refunds/Returns Policy and other Legal Documents implemented from time to time.
  4. Unlike other services, batting cages once rented can be operated without the presence of an instructor.

It is expected that GSA will initiate the review of the electronic acquisition form within one business day of the electronic submission of the form. If there are no conflicts or questions to be answered after initial review of the form, our team shall approve the form without needing to contact the individual.

Process – Products:
You may select any product from the website and order it in accordance with our Cancellation/Refunds/Returns Policy.